FARMERS | Cascadia Mushrooms

The Cascadia Mushrooms vision:Produce the best quality mushroom products possible and feed our community while raising awareness of our humble fungi friends.

Alex Winstead is a true child of the Pacific Northwest. This region’s lush landscape would be considered a natural playground for any young explorer, but for Alex, his encounters with wild mushrooms at an early age ignited a unique journey. His love of fungi flourished in areas around his suburban Seattle home, as well as on trips to the Olympic Peninsula, and he continued to feed this curiosity by earning his degree in Mycology and the Sciences at Evergreen State College. Flash forward to 2005, and Alex was growing his own mushrooms in a rented basement in Bellingham. He took them to the local farmers market and immediately knew he was on to something.

After the first few successful years of his small-scale operation, Alex knew he wanted to take it a step further and was able to do so when secured financing in 2009. This allowed him to establish his business on 2.5 acres of North Bellingham property, complete with grow houses and incubation rooms, all in a climate-controlled environment. He hasn’t looked back since, and to this day, his certified organic mushrooms are produced year-round for restaurants, markets, and his dedicated fanbase of fungi lovers.Through it all, they keep this goal in mind:

Fungi have the innate ability to cleanse soil and heal the environment. The goal of this farm is to nurture that ability, to teach it to others and hopefully to spark a little of the same inspiration that drives our work every day.

We love that we’re so close to one of the best mushroom producers in the country and we’re always ecstatic to be offering Cascadia Mushrooms. Keep an eye out for these fabulous fungi in your Produce Subscriptions!