Basia's Pickles

Basia’s Gourmet Pickles are packed with a sweet, salty, garlicky, dill-y punch and we’re so here for it.

Barbara "Basia" Marynowski unleashed her bold and briney chips of wonder on the public in 2017, but she’s been honing her craft for years. As she puts it, they were: “Born in Detroit – Perfected in Texas!” 

In the beginning, her original recipe was crafted as a gift for family and friends over the holidays. It was an instant hit and she knew she had something big on her hands. Her culinary creations grew to include more styles of pickles, onions, relish, and even her own cookbook. Flash-forward to now and she’s running her own operation, gaining new fans (across the country) every day, and pumping out “the best damn pickles in the universe.”

So what makes Basia’s pickles so delicious? As a first-generation American, maybe it’s her foundation of old-world Polish roots coming through? Or that little bit of Detroit Rock City combined with big Texas flavor? Or maybe it’s that one secret ingredient that’s printed on every jar: Love. (We’re pretty sure you’ll have it figured out once you crunch into your first bite.)

Whether you snack on ‘em, chop ‘em up for your egg and tunafish salads, or make ‘em the finishing touch on your next burger, it all starts here: AddBasia’s Homestyle Pickles to your order today!