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FARMERS | Animal Farm

Animal Farm is a permaculture center in Cat Spring, Texas. What started as a small family garden in the last 90’s has grown to be beloved a 25-acre flower and vegetable far.

Gita and Cas Vanwoerden planted their first seeds on the Animal Farm property over 20 years ago. The family was not impressed by supermarket produce and longed for the more flavorful produce. But it wasn’t long before word got out about the quality of Animal Farm’s vegetables and with the increased demand came expansion.

In 1996 the operators of Animal Farm created the Permaculture Guild of Houston so they could teach permaculture classes. On their website, they define permaculture as:

A way to redesign your living by following guidelines you learn from observing nature. It is based on the principle that everything we do in our life, should be based on three principles:

  • Take care of people
  • Take care of the earth, and all that it contains
  • Ensure that we protect our resources for future generations

More than 20 years later, Animal farm is best known for its baby vegetables and baby greens and the spiciness of Animal Farm’s baby arugula is particularly popular.

As no-till certified organic producers, they strive to be a model of sustainable land stewardship and agriculture practices.

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